About Hosi Music

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Hosi Music is an organization dedicated to change people’s lives through a new approach to music education.

We base our work on both science and technology. We teach our students all the necessary technical skills focusing on the benefits their body will gain by practicing their instruments regularly.

Founded by Mauricio Hosi, an accomplished guitarist from Brazil, Hosi Music was born out of the need for a change with the way music has been taught to our children.

We are one of Australia’s fastest growing Music education companies with a community of hundreds of students.

Our mission is to help students by providing a high-quality music lesson. We see the results on a daily basis, and the smiles of our students provide the fuel that keeps us moving, proving that music is a powerful tool to improve lives.


Why learning Music

 Music is not a “thing”, it is an action. We relate to it by playing, listening and dancing.

Below are some of the results that neuroscientists found when analyzing the effect that music has on the human body:

  • When playing an instrument, the brain uses simultaneously 3 areas: Motor, Visual and Auditory.
  • Children that learn a musical instrument before the age of seven develop in average an IQ 7.5 points higher.
  • Music helps students with learning disorder by establishing better communication between the right and left hemisphere of the brain.
  • Music helps students with ADHD by training the brain to coordinate and process at the same time the motor, visual and auditory cortex.
  • Music helps students with autism to understand cues and better process information.
  • Music helps students to understand and learn new languages.
  • Music helps students in writing and reading.
  • Music helps students in solving Mathematical problems.
  • Music helps students in relaxation.
  • Music helps students in improving their ability to concentrate and focus.

In fact, music has been scientifically proven to be the one activity that uses all regions of the brain at the same time.

We believe that if everyone could learn music society as a whole would be much better. Music is not just for the talented, it is human development, it is for everyone.

Hosi Music offers students a unique learning platform of music education with world-class musicians plus unique industry development experience.

Clinics & Workshops

Our founder and director

Mauricio Hosi, the founder, and director of Hosi Music was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, moving to Brisbane, Australia in 2007.

Professional guitarist since the age of 16 and passionate about music education, Mauricio went to FAAM-Faculty of Arts Alcantara Machado, where he would spend the next five years graduating as Bachelor of Music, majoring in the guitar and also with a Bachelor of Music Education.

During his time at the University, Mauricio’s passion for teaching music started growing and he decided to follow that path. At first, students were close friends, then came regular private students. Soon he started working as a teacher in music schools and finally, after his graduation in 2004, Mauricio was offered a position as a classroom music teacher working with primary and secondary School. Along with his teaching career, Mauricio was also working as a musician involved in professional performances.

In 2007, he decided to move to Australia, a place he would call home. The three following years Mauricio spent learning the language to a level he could teach and rebuild his career. In 2010 he was offered a position as a guitar teacher at Our Lady of the Angels. In 2011, he started teaching guitar in another school Our Lady of the Rosary, and in 2013, he was invited to work as a guitar teacher and guitar ensemble director at Mary Mackillop College.

In 2015 Mauricio started developing an idea he had been considering for the past couple of years; lead an organization that would provide high-level music education to schools, not only himself but with a team, not just guitar but all instruments.

Hosi Music’s mission is to provide high-level quality music education to whoever wants to become a musician, helping the students to learn amazing skills and motivating them to follow their dreams.

“More than exploring individual talents and developing techniques, a musician must be shaped from the inside. Hosi Music is here to mentor the students through an amazing music journey certain that the best recipe is mixing hard work, discipline with lots of fun.”

Improve your child’s life with music today!