Why learning music is for everyone and should be compulsory at school         


When we talk about learning a musical instrument the first thought that usually comes to mind is either doing something fun by being able to make music or how cool it would be to be on a stage playing for a huge crowd like our favourite artists, but would that be all?


The truth is that both of these ideas are completely right, knowing how to make music is awesome and leading a big crowd from a stage is indescribably amazing. However, when it comes to music there is much more than just performing and having fun.


By examining the brain functionality in real time neuroscientists saw that when playing a musical instrument, which includes singing and dancing, all regions of the brain work at the same time. The action of learning music uses 3 areas: Motor, Visual and Auditory.


When analysing the brain of musicians, scientists discovered that the bridge that connects the right and left sides of the brain, also known as Corpus Callosum, is larger compared to people that don’t have any musical activity, allowing the message to travel faster from one hemisphere to another.


When observing the effects of music on children the results were even more astonishing. The study on newborn children showed that babies use music processing networks to understand their mother voices proven that everyone is musical at birth. Another study revealed that people that learn a musical instrument before the age of seven develop in average an IQ 7.5 points higher.


Some other benefits that were scientifically proven from learning music:


  • Helps people with learning disorder by establishing a better communication between the right and left hemisphere of the brain.


  • Helps people with ADHD by training the brain to coordinate and process at the same time the motor, visual and auditory cortex.


  • Helps in understanding and learning languages


  • Helps in solving Mathematical problems


Looking at those results and the benefits imagine how much one’s life would improve by learning music or how much society as a whole would be better if we all had access to music education.


Having music as an optional “fun” extra-curricular activity and not teaching it as a compulsory subject in our educational institutions is one of the biggest mistakes we make as a society. Music is more than a hobby for the talented, it’s human development, it is for everyone.



Mauricio Hosi

Director and founder of Hosi Music

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