Your School & Hosi Music

Hosi Music objective is to partner with primary and secondary schools giving them support on building, managing and expanding their music program

Partnering with Hosi Music

We help schools filling their instrumental music teaching positions, providing world-class music educators and assisting them in all the music related activities such as performances, music festivals and school celebrations.

All Hosi Music educators are very passionate and highly skilled musicians. The lessons are customized to the student’s individual learning style which makes them more efficient, fun and very enjoyable. That connection with the students is what makes Hosi Music educators great teachers and inspiring role models.

Hosi Music offers a complete learning platform with lessons, workshops, clinics, performances and live or studio recording. Students will receive the best education while being immerse in a unique and practical experience for the performance industry.

Hosi Music Education offers the following:
  • During school hours individual or group lessons
  • Directing contemporary and Jazz bands, choir, string ensemble and orchestra
  • School performances/visits
  • Studio, recording and production

If you are a school Principal or the head of the Music Deapartment in your scholl and would like to know how Hosi Music can assist you, please get in touch with us, today!

Improve your students’ lives with music today!